Almost Forgotten, Never Told.
My Good Read Books

 ALMOST FORGOTTEN, NEVER TOLD 1965, a Book of People and Places, Dramas and Adventures along the South African coast, with a few voyages into deeper waters by Lawrence G. Green.

Dit is ‘n groot en wonderlike ondekkingsreis as jy op ‘n vlooimark, ‘n ou hardeband boek uitkrap met karrakter. Veral as dit interresant lyk en nog boonop ‘n onderwerk dek waarin jy belang stel, soos in hierdie geval oor skeeps wrakke en vertellings van Ou Kaapse Seevaart. As jy al in die eerste hoofstuk so aangegryp  word dat jy dit nie kan neersit wil jy mos net MEER weet. Met die gerief van die internet en elektronika begin ‘n wereld dan vir jou oopgaan waarvan jy nog niks geweet het nie. Dit was die geval met ALMOST FORGOTTEN, NEVER TOLD waar ek vir Lawrence G. Green ontmoet. Van nou af sal ek elkeen van sy boeke wat ek raakloop lees en beslis ook aanskaf

The most amazing exploration trip begins when scraping an old hardcover book with a character out on a flea market.  Especially if it looks interesting and, moreover, it addresses a subject in which you are interested, as in this case, about shipwrecks and stories of Old Cape Sea Wrecks.  If you have been hooked by the author in the first chapter so that you can not put it down, you just want to know MORE. With the convenience of the Internet and electronics, a world starts to open for you, of which you have not known anything yet. This was the case with ALMOST FORGOTTEN, NEVER TOLD. This is where I met Lawrence G. Green.  From now on I will read and definitely purchase each of his books I encounter

Lawrence Green  (1900, S A– 14 May 1972, Cape Town)  may have been the leading twentieth-century non-fiction author-reporter writing about African people, places, stories and history. His writings, though well populated with researched fact through his wide travels and many hours of research in the South African and British archives, did not publish in any strict sense, a historical or academic work.  During an active career spanning four decades, he wrote more than a book a year, even allowing for a five-year gap during the second world war. His stories continue to inform and fascinate new generations of readers – and collectors.  His first six books were published from London between 1933 and 1940, and in their original editions, these titles remain scarce and, especially when in good or better condition, command high prices. Howard Timmins of Cape Town then became his regular publisher and Lawrence Green books appeared regularly from the Timmins house between 1945 and 1972. Even during this period, however, perhaps another 10 Green titles were handled by other publishers.  Depending on which list one consults, Green authored between 45 and 48 titles in English, as well as two which were published in Afrikaans.

Non-fiction – Original titles:  The Coast of Treasure, 1933, Great African Mysteries, 1935; Secret Africa 1936; The Coast of Diamonds 1937; Strange Africa 1938l; Old Africa Untamed 1940; Where Men Still Dream 1945, So Few Are Free 1946; Tavern of the Seas 1947; To The River’s End 1948; In The Land of the Afternoon 1949; At Daybreak for the Isles 1950; Growing Lovely, Growing Old 1951; Lords of the Last Frontier 1952; Under a Sky Like Flame 1954; Karoo, 1955; There’s a Secret Hid Away 1956; Beyond the City Lights 1957; South African Beachcomber 1958; These Wonders to Behold 1959; Eight Bells at Salamander 1960; Great North Road 1961; Something Rich and Strange 1962; A Decent Fellow Doesn’t Work 1963;  I Heard the Old Men Say 1964; Almost Forgotten Never Told, 1965; Thunder on the Blaauwberg 1966; On Wings of Fire 1967; Full Many a Glorious Morning 1968; Harbours of Memory 1969; A Giant in Hiding 1970; A Taste of the South- Easter 1971; When the Journeys Over 1972; 

Republished in UK under different titles:  White Man’s Grave 1954; Panther Head 1955; The Drums of Time 1956;  Old Africa’s Last Secrets 1961; Islands Time Forgot 1962; Like Diamond Blazing 1967;  

Translated into foreign languages: Min Mense is Vry (So Few Are Free) 1948; Karoo, 1964, Malherbe (Afrikaans); Islands Time Forgot 1964, Budapest (Magyar); Old Africa’s Last Secrets 1966, (Russian); Islands Time Forgot 1972, (Russian); Mysteries of the Skeleton Coast 1993, Misteria (Russian);

Non-fiction – Articles for magazines: Bottle Messages from the Sea, Adventure 1 July 1929; Captain Flynn’s Chart, Sea Stories Oct 1929; Diamond Camp, The Passing Show  April 1935; Fishing for Cable, The Wide World Magazine Mar 1939; Flaw in the System, Excitement Aug 1930; The Ghost Drink, Sea Stories Dec 1929; In the Fog, Sea Stories Nov 1929; Monkey Folk of Africa, Adventure 15 -2- 1929; Off Ascension, Sea Stories, Jun 1930; Over the Horizon, Sea Stories Jul 1929; The Schooner’s Secret, Sea Stories Apr 1930; Sea Mecca, Sea Stories Aug 1929; A Secret of the Desert, Hutchinson’s Adventure-Story Magazine Sep 1926; Smelling Danger, Sea Stories May 1930; Virgin Peak, The Saturday Evening Post 6 December 1947, Argosy (UK) Apr 1948; Inland fleets of Africa, S.A. Saturday Book 1948;      Technical: Author’s Post-War Guide, 1947, Allen & Unwin