The Peacocks in our Garden

Our Wonderful world of Animals @ our Guesthouse. It is quite hard work to impress two ladies at the same time! Here you can see the mail peacock flamboyantly flushing his tail feathers for the two peahens. “Peafowl” is the general name for the family of birds. A peacock is a male peafowl. A peahen […]

Chickens Have Right of Way

Our wonderful world of Animals . It looks like our Feathered folk has literally taken their “Poultry Rights” very seriously by demonstrating it with their presence at the new sign on the premises.

New Arrival

A unexpected “New Arrival” at our guesthouse is this little Jack (a male Donkey) Bambino ( a little donkey ). Mother “Mowey” is our Lawnmower between the sheds, kraals and awkward difficult to reach places, and rewarding us with excellent fertilizer (photo not included) for the garden. A Jenny (a female donkey) is pregnant from […]

The Plants in our Garden: AGAVE

Agave plants are among my favourite drought-resistant plants and native to Mexico. These succulent’s stunning geometrical forms look beautiful. There are about 200 recognized species. As desert plants they love direct, abundant sunlight and little water. They are slow but easy to grow. It hates water logging & frost. Agaves are monocarpic – this means […]