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Emil Carl Christiaan Tamsen

Emil Carl Christiaan Tamsen 2 Jan 1862 – 30 July 1957 was a South African philatelist, and one of the founders in 1894 of the Johannesburg Philatelic Society.  Tamsen was an expert in the stamps of Transvaal and early Southern Africa which he researched and wrote, and he.  Until his death, at the grand old age of 95, […]

Henri Jacobus Maarchalk

Surveyor and inspector of maps He was born on 18 July 1847 in Barnefeld Holland. At the age of 29, he left his native country and sailed to S A to establish himself in the Zuid African Republik (ZAR). Onboard the “Windsor Castle“,  he met Sir Theophilus Shepstone, who was later to annex the ZAR […]

Anglican Church of St Peter

Anglican Church of St Peter Vryheid, a typical Sir Herbert Baker building Sir Herbert Baker 9 June 1862 – 4 February 1946 was an English architect remembered as the dominant force in South African architecture for two decades, He embarked for South Africa in 1892 ostensibly to visit his brother, and was commissioned in 1893 […]

Almost Forgotten, Never Told.

 ALMOST FORGOTTEN, NEVER TOLD 1965, a Book of People and Places, Dramas and Adventures along the South African coast, with a few voyages into deeper waters by Lawrence G. Green. Dit is ‘n groot en wonderlike ondekkingsreis as jy op ‘n vlooimark, ‘n ou hardeband boek uitkrap met karrakter. Veral as dit interresant lyk en nog boonop […]

Vryheid under British Occupation 1900-1902

VRYHEID BLOKHUIS 1901. This Block House was on a high rise east of Scheepersnek on the road between Vryheid and De Jager’s Drift, occupied by the South Lancashire Regiment. The Corrugated Iron structure with earth and rock is surrounded by a barbed wire fence and ramparts. in front is a saluting uniformed dummy holding a […]

Methodist Church Vryheid

Sommige van huidige goed versorgde geboue in Vryheid is werklik ook histories. Een so voorbeeld is die Metodiste Kerk van Vryheid Die hoeksteen is reeds in 1895 gelê. / Some of the well-kept buildings in Vryheid are really historic. One such example is the Methodist Church of Vryheid. Two Corner Stones was laid in 1895. […]

N G Moederkerk Vryheid Klipkerk

Die N G Gemeente Vryheid  “Niuwe Republiek”  is op Sondag 26 September 1886 gestig deur 18 Lidmate. In Maart 1878 versoek die gemeente om geafilieer te word met die Nederduitse  Greformeerde Kerk van die Zuid-Afrikaanse Republiek en op 23 November 1887 word hierdie wens  deur die NG Kerk ZAR toegestaan. In Januarie 1888 word besluit […]

Vryheid: Old Volksraad and Post Office

Vryheid Volksraad Building and Post Office The first meetings of the “Nieuwe Republiek Volksraad” took place in tents where it was decided to construct a permanent building. On 14th November 1884, the building contract of a Government office was awarded at a value of £205, to build out of natural materials. The proposed location being Landdroststreet. On […]

Vryheid Hospitaal 1935

Vryheid Hospitaal  Die gebou is opgerig in 1935 en in 1939 word nog ‘n gedeelte aangebou  Gedurende 1946 word begin met die oprigting van die Nuwe Hospitaal Kompleks aan die oorspronklike gebou .  Verdere  aanbouings en ‘n nuwe teater kompleks word in 1967 – 1968 voltooi.

Lucas Meyer Stasie /Station

Hoogstraat  Stasie / Vryheid Stasie / Lucas Meyer Stasie Die spoorlyn tussen Glenco en Vryheid is in 1903 voltooi en offisieel ge-open op 12 November 1903. Die stasiegebou was geleë tussen Hoog en Landdrosstraat en was tot Julie 1912 bekend as High Street Station. Toe is die naam  veander na “VRYHEID STASIE” terwyl die huidige stasie […]