Emil Carl Christiaan Tamsen

Emil Carl Christiaan Tamsen 2 Jan 1862 – 30 July 1957 was a South African philatelist, and one of the founders in 1894 of the Johannesburg Philatelic Society.  Tamsen was an expert in the stamps of Transvaal and early Southern Africa which he researched and wrote, and he.  Until his death, at the grand old age of 95, […]

Library: Books that I have read WW2

Most Secret War  R.V Jones.  British Scientific Intelligence 1939 -1945 This is R.V. Jones’s account of his part in British Scientific Intelligence during  the Second World War. He was nothing less than a genius. His appointment to the Intelligence Section of Britain’s Air Ministry led to some of the most astonishing scientific and technological breakthroughs  It […]