Henri Jacobus Maarchalk

Vryheid Personalities

Surveyor and inspector of maps

He was born on 18 July 1847 in Barnefeld Holland. At the age of 29, he left his native country and sailed to S A to establish himself in the Zuid African Republik (ZAR). Onboard the “Windsor Castle“,  he met Sir Theophilus Shepstone, who was later to annex the ZAR

After the “Windsor Castle” was shipwrecked near Dassen island, Maarschalk went to Durban in a freighter and later to Pretoria where he was during the 1st British annexation of the ZAR

He became a pupil surveyor under Devendish of Wakkerstroom.  After two months there was no work left for him. He went to Pretoria to qualify as a surveyor. He returned to Wakkerstroom where he started his own business. The towns of Vryheid Volksrust and Paulpietersbug were surveyed by him. The surveying of South Africans towns and farms is of historical interest and Maarschalk made a  very important contribution to this field

Maarschalk gets the assigned to divide the newly established town of Vryheid into 300 plots. Plots were also provided for government use, Churches, schools, a market square and a mill. As compensation, he receives a farm.  Initially, the Towncouncli decided to sell 150 plots. The plots were sold in 1885 for £20 (about R40)

The Surveying of Vryheid was completed in October 1886 by Maarchalk and on 22 September 1891 it was approved by Johan Rissik assistant surveyor-general of the ZAR 

Vryheid was is a typical peasant town with rectangular plots and street blocks centred around the church and town square.

The name VRYHEID  illustrates the populations’  desire for independence and freedom

He died on 12 April 1929 in Utrecht Transvaal and buried there

Farm Map surveyed by Maarschalk 1916
Signature of Maarchalk