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Sommige van huidige goed versorgde geboue in Vryheid is werklik ook histories. Een so voorbeeld is die Metodiste Kerk van Vryheid Die hoeksteen is reeds in 1895 gelê. / Some of the well-kept buildings in Vryheid are really historic too. One such example is the Methodist Church of Vryheid. Two Corner Stones was laid in 1895

Methodist Church Vryheid ca 1897 Computerized Louis Scheepers Vryheid

Methodist Church Vryheid ca 1897

Notice the old Church bell to the left of the building and the congregation 3 ladies and a gentleman well dress on their way to the entrance. Seems that a youngster is ringing the bell. The profile of the Vryheid mountain regarding to the building is very profound. The shutter speed of this Photo was very slow as seen in the blur of the figure left of the church bell.  I can guess that his was about 1897-1900  before the Foyer and a new entrance was added. Even President Street not yet fully functional

Methodist Church Vryheid ca 1915 Computerized Louis Scheepers Vryheid

Methodist Church Vryheid ca 1915

The church bell now gone, the foyer added and mealies growing in the churchyard. President street much more functional than in the previous photo  The same square dark building to the right. Those Buildings to the right are facing Utrecht Street

The entrance door shifted, but those little crosses on top of the roof is still the very same as many years ago

Photo Vryheid Herald May 20, 2015 Vryheid churches – a gallery