The Plants in our Garden: AGAVE

Agave plants are among my favourite drought-resistant plants and native to Mexico. These succulent’s stunning geometrical forms look beautiful. There are about 200 recognized species. As desert plants they love direct, abundant sunlight and little water. They are slow but easy to grow. It hates water logging & frost. Agaves are monocarpic – this means they bloom once a year. The variety of size, color and symmetrical patterns of Agaves make them a perfect candidate for interesting landscapes.

Agave Victoria Regina
I bought this plant as a small little bulb 30 years ago. It traveled with me and were transplanted 4 times. It has matured to this beautiful every day pleasure.
It forms a dense rosette with white margins and smooth lines on the surface. There are dozens of varieties – most are hybrids or sub-species and are named according to different patterns of leaves and white lines.

Agave Geminiflora – Twin Flower agave
This plant is from the very early days of my interests in succulents and much enjoyable because of the unusual form of its narrow, sharp tipped leaves that looks as if it is exuding tangled white threads. Unfortunately it can take several years for this specimen to flower.